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CSL Behring recently received the Swiss Employer Award 2015

November 20, 2015
By Sandra Ruckstuhl

Everyone at CSL Behring AG in Bern, Switzerland is delighted to have received the Swiss Employer Award, which annually recognizes the best employers among all major industries in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. CSL Behring received the award, which is supported by the Swiss Employers’ Federation, HR Swiss, and the renowned business magazine Bilanz, in the Companies with 1000+ Employees category.

Stefanie Ryser

CSL Behring won this award because we are all one big family and work together hand-in-hand.” Stefanie Ryser, Legal Counsel

This achievement reaffirms something our employees have known all along – CSL Behring is a great place to work! Reto Moser in our Internal Services Logistics group reacted to the news: “The award demonstrates that collaboration, superior performance and innovation are truly lived at CSL Behring.” Another colleague, Michel Maiano in Purchasing, had this to say: “The high level of employee satisfaction is the basis of our success in business. Everyone gives their best and we have a great team spirit!”

“The award demonstrates that collaboration, superior performance and innovation are truly lived at CSL Behring.”

I couldn’t agree more with Reto and Michel. As for the award, it’s based on survey responses from more than 27,000 employees from 118 companies who evaluated their companies’ attractiveness by answering 55 questions about organizational conditions, such as structure, culture, management, incentives, transfer of knowledge and personal attitudes.

It’s said that corporate culture is driven from the top down. At CSL Behring, this is definitely the case. In Switzerland, Uwe E. Jocham, Senior Vice President and General Manager of CSL Behring AG, emphasized that the senior management team at CSL Behring sets an example by living the company’s values of customer focus, innovation, integrity, collaboration and superior performance. “Our values provide guidance in everything we do,” Uwe said. “All of us are aware that our therapies save and improve the lives of people with rare and serious diseases. This is highly meaningful and motivating.”

“Our values provide guidance in everything we do.”

Uwe went on to say that receiving the Swiss Employer Award confirms the high level of confidence our employees have in CSL Behring AG and its management team, and that it reflects their commitment to their work and the wellbeing of our patients. “This enthusiasm and appreciation fills me with a great sense of satisfaction. It also confirms the importance of our company values and how they guide us on a daily basis.”

Domenico Parisi

“This is a great honor for us and I am very proud to be part of the CSL Behring family.” Domenico Parisi, Pharma Professional

Our leadership team also sets an example by maintaining open and transparent lines of communication, and by communicating the company’s objectives and strategies clearly and simply. Management has an open door policy for employees and their concerns, acknowledges and shows appreciation of good performance, and believes in sharing and celebrating success.

These are all factors that contribute to employee satisfaction and commitment. Our modern working conditions and attractive benefits also make a huge difference in employee satisfaction and morale. And we provide many opportunities for professional development, which Therese Hilfiker, Senior Director, Human Resources and Communications, says are essential. “Our employees are the heart of the business and drive us forward. Professional development is good for employees and good for the company. She adds that another important aspect of the employee survey is that “it shows where we have room for improvement.”

“Our employees are the heart of the business and drive us forward.”

For all the participating companies, the Swiss Employer Award is a wonderful benchmarking opportunity based on a large, comprehensive and confidential employee survey, which provides each company with a unique chance to compare itself with the top businesses. The survey, evaluation and benchmark comparison were conducted by one of Switzerland’s leading survey providers.

CSL Behring AG has been located in Bern for more than 65 years. It became part of the CSL Group in 2000. Today we employ more than 1,300 people in Bern who bring their know-how and dedication to developing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality biotherapeutics made from human plasma.

Yvonne Meier

It feels like winning a Grammy!” Yvonne Meier, Receptionist

This includes immunoglobulins for the treatment of immunodeficiencies and disturbances of the immune function, immunoglobulin for preventing cytomegalovirus disease associated with solid organ transplantation, anti-D immunoglobulin for the prevention of haemolytic disease in the newborn and albumin, a fluid replacement used in emergency treatment and intensive care.

No matter what our respective roles, we all take great pride in our work isolating therapeutically important proteins from more than five million liters of human plasma in accordance with the strictest safety and quality standards and manufactured into medicines.

CSL Behring truly is a great place to work, and no one expresses this better than Marco Burkhalter, who works in the CSL Behring Warehouse. “This award demonstrates that an appreciation for employees is the key to success,” Marco remarked. “I feel happy at work, every day!”

SandraRuckstuhlSandra Ruckstuhl is Senior Manager Communications, CSL Behring AG in Switzerland.


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