Lifesaving Medicines Should Never Be in Short Supply

That’s why we’re building for the future in Lengnau and around the world to meet growing demand and bring more therapies to more patients.

September 22, 2016
By Uwe E. Jocham

Lengnau Construction

These are exciting times at CSL Behring, as we expand our infrastructure to keep pace with the increasing demand for new innovations that address unmet medical needs or enhance current treatments.

We are currently building for the future in Lengnau, Switzerland, where we are constructing a state-of-the-art recombinant manufacturing facility. The foundation stone of the new structure was laid in May. With this production site, CSL Behring is creating a new product family based on state-of-the-art technology.

The plant will manufacture and globally market three new recombinant coagulation factors: recombinant Factor IX Fusion Protein for patients with hemophilia B, recombinant Factor VIII-Single Chain to treat hemophilia A, and a recombinant Factor VIIa-Fusion Protein treat hemophilia patients with inhibitors.

Hemophilia is a rare congenital disorder caused by missing or defective clotting proteins. It is estimated that more than 400,000 people worldwide are living with hemophilia, and that of this number, approximately 75% receive inadequate treatment or do not have access to treatment.

Our ongoing global expansion strategy is to support CSL Behring’s long-term growth plans centers around our world-class commercial operation, combined with a large and focused R&D team and operational excellence. These core capabilities enable us to identify, develop and deliver innovations that patients and providers want.

Lengnau’s location 35 kilometers from our Bern manufacturing site, which we have operated for more than 65 years, will allow us to leverage the synergies that exist in the region between the universities, the medical cluster (a network of Swiss manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and R&D institutions), and precision industry.

Another important factor in the site selection of Lengnau is the availability of a highly-qualified workforce. Such locational advantages allow companies to continuously and successfully develop, creating many new jobs and strengthening the economy. Toward that end, we are making a very substantial investment to fund the construction of equipment, facilities and infrastructure of production buildings as well as administration and logistics buildings in Lengnau.

Lengnau Artist Rendering

When full operations commence in 2020 the facility will have a total volume of 306,000 cubic meters (almost 11 million cubic feet), and we will have created at minimum 300 new jobs in various vocational fields. The Lengnau has sufficient space to allow for further expansion if needed.

Our global expansion continues in the U.S. and Australia as well. Between the two countries we are immersed in a multi-year, $450 million capacity expansion project, which includes a new base fractionation facility in Kankakee, U.S. and albumin manufacturing capability in Broadmeadows, Australia.

As construction in Lengnau gains momentum, construction of a new facility for producing human prothrombin complex in our Marburg, Germany manufacturing site was recently completed. The new facility in Marburg will enable us to meet the growing demand for human prothrombin complex, which is used to reverse the effects of Vitamin K antagonist therapy.

Today we have operations in more than 60 countries. We offer the broadest range of quality products in the protein biotherapeutics industry to treat conditions that include coagulation disorders, primary immune deficiencies, inherited respiratory disease and hereditary angioedema.

With the new plant for our novel recombinant therapies in Switzerland, we are stepping into the next century of CSL and we are proud and excited to contribute to CSL’s future growth. We are just getting started!

Jocham Uwe Erwin
Uwe E. Jocham is Senior Vice President and General Manager of CSL Behring Recombinant Facility AG in Lengnau


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