Baylee’s Story

“It’s a miracle you’re still alive.”

April 20, 2017

High school student and common variable immune deficiency (CVID) patient, Baylee Gregory, is an avid golfer and soccer player who hopes to one day play those sports in college. That didn’t seem possible years ago when a doctor commented, “It’s a miracle you’re still alive.”

Now that she’s been diagnosed and is treating her primary immunodeficiency, her mom, Annette, says, “She’s going to live a life that she wants to live and not let things stand in her way.” Baylee and her mom shared their story with BioBlog at the start of World PI Week 2017.

BAYLEE: I always had sinus infections. I always had ear problems, stomach issues. Family trips I would always be the one sick. I’d go to the doctor and they would just tell me that it was allergies or take an antibiotic, it’s another sinus infection, it’ll go away.
Family trips I would always be the one sick.

ANNETTE: Baylee’s number four of six kids and she was sick from the day she was born. She was delivered not breathing and at about 4 weeks old she was having what they call ‘failure to thrive.’ She would get infections and it was just always an uphill battle.

I lost my father in April of 2014 and Baylee wasn’t diagnosed until one year later. She came to me at three o’clock in the morning and said, “Mom, listen to me breathing. I’m breathing like Papa was breathing before he died. And she goes, “Mom, I don’t want to die.” And I said, ‘You’re not going to die on my watch!’ So, it gave me more reason to find an answer to why she was always sick and having problems. When the doctor who now treats Baylee first examined her he said, “It’s a miracle you’re still alive.”

“It’s a miracle you’re still alive.”

BAYLEE: I have Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID) which is one of the 300+ primary immunodeficiency diseases. CVID is when my immune system doesn’t work like someone else’s would. Primary immunodeficiency has impacted my life a lot. I’ve met a lot of people with PI and it’s also impacted my life because being on treatment with my PI has made me feel the best that I’ve felt in a long time.

ANNETTE: Life has changed for the better now that we know what she has and she’s on her medication. She’s just a whole different person. She’s got so much life and energy. And, she’s going to live a life that she wants to live and not let things stand in her way.

BAYLEE: My plans after high school are to play a sport, either golf or soccer, in college. After that I want to go to medical school and become an anesthesiologist.

ANNETTE: She’s going to be just fine going off to college and she’s going to succeed. It doesn’t mean I’m not going to worry. And, I’m sure I’ll call her on infusion days and make sure that she’s having them done. And if I hear she’s got a cold, I’ll stay on top of it. But I think she’s a very smart individual that she’ll do just fine.

Click here to watch the video of Baylee’s Story.


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